To those who have helped build this school and who continue to support our mission: School in the Square would not exist without your help, we are so grateful for your generosity. 

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charter school, School in the Square (S2) receives public funds from the Department of Education to support its most basic operations. However, at 20-25% less than district public schools, this amount is not sufficient for S2 to fulfill its mission to reimagine education towards the growth and betterment of our staff, students and families. 

S2 is distinct in its commitment to addressing each child’s needs holistically and individually, despite the extra time, staff and resources required. This is particularly important in a district that has been historically underserved. By providing small-group instruction to struggling students, especially English Language Learners and Special Education students, and by creating a unique schedule for every child that includes targeted supports and services, our educators remain keenly aware of their students' academic, behavioral and emotional needs and growth.With our 1:1 technology program, in which every student receives a personal laptop for use at school and home, S2 students have access to the highest quality, most engaging digital curricula currently available. And while academics are the priority, S2 sparks a passion for learning in our students through daily "Passions", such as fashion design, coding, robotics, or culinary arts; regular field trips to NYC institutions and arts & sciences organizations; and a robust athletics program. These are just a few key pieces of S2's innovative educational approach that inspires students to reach their potential and become life-long learners. 

There are multiple ways to donate. If you are able, please make a multi-year pledge and give us the assurance of your support in the long term. Please also take a moment to check if you are eligible for an employee matching opportunity, many employers offer 1:1 or 1:2 matching for charitable donations up to a certain amount every year.

Your donations help in myriad ways, especially in support of…
  • Our ambitious academic model, which combines a whole child approach and highly personalized instruction to target each individual student's strengths and struggles towards true learning and rapid growth.  
  • Our extended educational and support staff, who are essential to the school’s ability to fulfill its mission: providing a personalized education to every single student within an incredibly diverse student body.
  • Our 1:1 technology program, in which every student receives a personal laptop to use at home and in class throughout the year. S2 also provides internet hotspots for use by students without an internet connection in the home (+25% of the student body).
  • Our sports teams, which require equipment, jerseys, and travel to and from games. Many of our students have never been given the opportunity to play as part of a sports team before - we often hear it is the best experience they have ever had.
  • Our Passions program, in which students choose electives every semester to supplement their academic classes. Options have included hip hop dance, fashion design, rugby (a favorite), drumming, coding, animation, theater, and yoga. These electives are essential to building a passion for learning, for honing creativity, and for expanding our students’ sense of future possibilities.
  • Our Winter Saturday and Afternoon Programming, to help students struggling in ELA and Math prepare for state testing in a targeted, small-group setting. This program includes time spent with students’ weekday teachers, and includes free breakfast and lunch, as well as time spent doing fun elective activities such as basketball and hip hop.
  • Our growing library of books and multimedia offerings. S2 students arrive with a vast range of reading abilities, thus it is absolutely vital that the school maintain a library that caters to all reading levels and interests. We encourage students to read voraciously, so we must do our part to ensure that their next favorite book is always awaiting them.
  • Our community events, including field days and movie screenings, in which students and their entire families are invited. These gatherings are so important to the building and bonding of our larger school community.

Back to School Night 2017

S2 Student and Supporter at November 13th 2017 event
Student performing a science experiment at Back to School Night 2017
Supporters moving through the halls on Back to School Night 2017
S2 Student showing Supporters around the school during Back to School Night