S2 Meals

January 2020 Meal Calendar




About Our Meal Policy

During S2’s inaugural year, we asked students to name one thing they would change about the school and it was unanimous: “the food!”. The leadership team heard their complaints and made a change. During year two, the school began working with a local NYC caterer, Regina Caterers, to provide delicious and nutritious hot meals for both breakfast and lunch, at no charge to students. The students love their new food provider! Some of their favorite meals include turkey bacon and pancakes for breakfast, or the roasted chicken with maduros and bean salad for lunch.  Another plus: if there is a particular dish that the majority of the students dislike, the school can request to remove it from future menus.

School in the Square prides itself on being responsive to its community, and choosing a new food provider was but one example of that philosophy in action. This change was not only about satisfying our students’ appetites, it was about ensuring that students are eating well-balanced meals so they are mentally prepared to learn all day. Just as important, the process of listening to, hearing and acting upon our students’ needs teaches them the value of their voices.

View the school's wellness policy.

Regina Caterers began its food service operation at its facility in Brooklyn in 1974. Their goal was “to provide wholesome meals at the best price possible”. Since that time, Regina Caterers has been providing nutritious hot and cold meals and snacks for thousands of children, youth and adults throughout the City of New York.

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