S2 Library

School in the Square is thrilled to announce its most recent staff hire: Ms. Genna Sarnak, the school’s first librarian. Her first task is to manage the building of our library. To start, over the 2017-2018 Winter Break, bookshelves were installed in one of the work labs, which will now double as a library. Additionally, the school is implementing a circulation system to keep track of books as they are taken out, as well as to place orders for more books and materials.


The S2 Library Media Program empowers students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical and effective users of ideas and information. The library supports the school’s curriculum by collaborating with teachers, developing a collection that is representative of the community, and implementing literacy instruction for students. Ultimately, the library aims to foster a love of reading for all students and members of the S2 community.